Tuesday, 5 August 2008

博格小休 / Une pause

遲D見。 À plus tard.


巴黎旅客 said...

Oui c'est les vacances!Amuse-toi bien. A+

Jackie said...


Flora said...

Dommage! J'ai decouvert ton blog aujourd'hui mais tu es en vacance? Hope you return soon. A plus tard!

Mugen C said...

umm, I guess she will be back within the next 2 days. ;)


readandeat said...


michelle said...

hello there everybody, and thanks for all your messages! I am still out on the road... not very lucky, got little sick these few days ;S I will be home next week, and check and answer your footprints in more details by that time. Cheers!!!

mad dog said...

miss u too!

michelle said...

巴黎旅客: merci, je me suis bien amusée/ reposée :)

Jackie: 在那裡看不明了?

Flora: Thanks for your visit!! I am just back ;) but have problem with my computer so may not send new posts in few days... mmmm rather depressed :S

MC: wrong guess ;)

readandeat: 暑假嘛 ;)

mad dog: i am just back :D miss u guys too!

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