Friday, 1 June 2007

Q & As

"Why the hell you write there in Chinese if you have such a pain 'typing' it? "
For many reasons I insist posting Chinese writings 中文 here... for that my family can read them, for that I don't forget those Chinese characters as I don't use them very often now, for myself taking this advantage to practice 'typing' :-) By the way, I am happy to have improved my 'typing chinese characters' skill from half word a minute to perhaps 5 words a minute... not bad hein ;D And, after 3 weeks' posting, I am also quite surprise to have received Chinese people from different corners over the world other then Hongkong. What a pleasure :-D
"Then why don't you just post in Chinese... why French too ?"
Initial idea of building this blog is to provide an occasion for my family and friends to have an idea of my life and thinking overseas. Then I think it would be ideal if I could also play an intermediary role for inter-culture exchange between Chinese and French people I know. I find it somehow not fair that my Chinese friends have an 'clin d'oeil' on (to know) what is happening in Paris or in France and not the vice versa... Above all, I like writing in this language that I live with everyday, though I am still not able to write it 100% correctly after all these years :P

"So why adding English in... ?"
For those topics which I think would interest everybody, I shall write in this, one of the most spoken language in the world. After all, this is the one that I could 'type' and write with the less difficulty ;)

"More photos! or just photos!"
I love photos! However I enjoy writing too :D

"But you don't write well..."
That is why I continue to write :)

New question in February 2008:

"Seems you are posting more and more in Chinese... and almost only in Chinese ?"
Oh after almost one year's practice, I am getting more and more familiar with my Chinese keyboard ;) My thinking and subjects are thus also getting more naturally oriented towards Chinese writings. I will keep posting in French though a bit less frequent then before. Let's see how this blog would be developed...


Mee Ling said...

Yes! 加油!加油!加油!多寫!常寫!常常寫!

michelle said...

Thank you Mee Ling ! 謝謝! 謝謝! 再謝謝!

Anonymous said...

Bonjour Michelle

Superbe idée (et réalisation) ton blog. J'aime tout particulièrement l'idée centrale de le rédiger en 3 langues. Tu as une expérience personnelle (que j'envie), celle d'avoir trois cultures, ce qui te permet d'avoir un regard sur le monde et un point de vue original, qui apporte beaucoup à ton lecteur.

Continue ! Ta réponse est une belle devise :" That is why I continue to write;)"

PS : les photos passent sur Safari, mais pas sur Firefox...

michelle said...

Bonjour Jean-Paul, merci beaucoup pour ton message!! ça me fait un grand plaisir et m'a apporté beaucoup courage!

Merci aussi pour le rapport concernant le problème technique (Firefox)!! je me l'enrenseignerais... !!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, thanks very much for writing your blog in Chinese and French. I am now studying French in Lausanne (CH) and I grew up in L.A., your blog is best site for me since I can study French and Chinese together... Mille fois merci!

michelle said...

jj: You are welcome! It is always a pleasure for me to know somebody 'reading' my blog :)
Actually i'm also learning everyday via writing this blog, and am so happy to be able to share this process with you.
Bon courage!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful you write in English & French and try so hard but still keep up writing in Chinese. Your determination in keep writing Chinese articles has inspired me to try to write a few articles in Chinese hopefully one day in the not too distant future.

Wish you a happy journey in writing this blog and sharing your insights. To conclude this comment, allow me to leave this quote from the autobiography “On Writing“ by author Stephen King.

“Writing isn’t about making money, getting famous, getting dates, getting laid, or making friends. In the end it’s about enriching the lives of those who will read your work, and enriching your own life, as well. It’s about getting up, getting well and getting over. Getting happy, okay? Getting happy.”

more quotes from the book here if you want to read more:

michelle said...

加燦: Thanks for your nice message ! and thanks for the quotes. It would be better if i could make money by writing though :P

Anonymous said...

"half word a minute to perhaps 5 words a minute"

Michelle, that's great improvement. Do you find it harder to come up with topics to write in Chinese than in English or French.

Do you think in Chinese or French or English?

I am so curious because besides the fact that I can't type Chinese if my life depends on it, I find it much harder to come up with topics in Chinese as well.

michelle said...

exile from hk: "half word a minute to perhaps 5 words a minute..." That was in June 2007 ;)

My french is actually not very good... am still trying to improve it. Strangely, i think and speak it more naturally. Indeed i guess we 'think' more naturally with the language we use in daily life. I have lost my usage of Cantonese until the birth of my daughter with whom i try to speak in my mother tongue. So, no i have no problem finding topics in Chinese. Just the opposite, since i have my own blog, and since i've found many nice chinese blogs, i tend to write (and think) more and more in Chinese now.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with teaching your daughter Chinese. Most American born Asian friends I know do not speak much of their parent's native language.

My best friend is Japanese American. Every time she TRIES to speak Japanese, she giggles silly :-)

michelle said...

exile from hk: but i am not a successful example... up till now she always replies me in French :(

laichungleung said...

I think people who can speak several languages are fascinating. I went to Paris a couple of times. Once when I was still in college. I ran there blind basically, I had the most dated information and I never booked anything, looking back I am surprised they even let me in at the immigration. When I got there the youth hostel was longer there, it had moved already. I bumped into this very nice Chinese lady who helped me out by making phone calls for me and finally I found another one. I was such an idiot.

I wish I could speak French or Japanese but I guess not.

michelle said...

laichungleung: i think this is kind of adventure :) You should be happy having being once upon a time an idiot :)
Me too i wish i could speak Spanish and Italian but i guess not :)

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