Sunday, 23 September 2007

Sign my guessbook / Livre d'or

photo: Ao Thong Nai Pan Yai beach in Koh Phangan, Thailand

Thank you for visiting! What do you think about this blog ? Please do leave me your comments here...

By the way, I have put words of "welcome" in different language on the photo here-above. Though they are not in all languages, I do mean to thank and welcome my visitors from all over the world. Please do not hesitate to let me know if you cannot find the word "welcome" in the language of your country there. I would have the pleasure to add them in.

Que pensez-vous à mon blog ? Soyez gentil, laissez-moi un petit mot... :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle, I visit your blog often, thank you especially for your recent recommended link to other bloggers in Hong Kong. As an oversea Hongkonger myself I feel a kinship to you and really enjoy reading about your life in Paris.

Anonymous said...

Leong Pack (le vieil oncle Leong).
Merci Madame Si Nine (femme du voisin) pour créer un bloq magnifique, j’y trouve une Choi Nui ((une fille de la sagesse ) :
Vous maîtrisez les cultures Chinoises et Français tous les deux très bien. Chaque fois je visite votre bloq je me sens
Liau Lo-lo Yap Dai Kun Yuan
( La vieille femme Liau , visitant le jardin de la grande vue. De roman classique chinois « Hung Lau Mong » Dream of the red chamber) .
À propose, Bienvenue en les langues Scandinavie c’est Velkommen.

michelle said...

Dear anonymous and Leong Pack, just want to let you know how much i appreciate your kind messages! You have given me energy to keep posting!!

A propos, Leong Pack, c'est interessant que tu as traduit "Si Nine" ou "Si-Naï" à "une femme du voisin"... En fait, ce sujet est déjà dans ma liste à écrire... A venir.

May i take this advantage to wish you all a happy mid-autumn festival!

VC said...


michelle said...

vc: sidebar 那缸? 養了幾個月,肥吧 ;)

amy said...

enchante! bonjour! c'est amy de hong kong! j'ai decouvert votre blog du blog de mama4.

that's probably all the french i can write, haha. anyways, i studied french in hong kong's alliance francaise a few years ago after going to paris for the first time. (really like the rhythm of french. it's like singing.) have totally forgot everything now but it's really nice to read interesting posts from you here in chinese and french.

j'adore paris! it's really good to get to know what's going on in paris from your blog too.

haven't read all your posts yet but seems there aren't any photos of your little daughter. is she a french-chinese mix? she must be adorable. how old is she? i have a son called rafael who is 13 months old now, and that's why i started blogging too a while ago.

will come back often. it's really nice to meet you here.

michelle said...

Enchanté, Amy! Thanks for your visit!

You have gone to study french after your visit in Paris... seems you are really charmed by this city then :) Yes my daughter is mixed, she is 4 now. Rafael, your son, is very lovely too! Il est très beau :) He is so cute that we love to hold him in our arms !

Again, am very happy that you like my blog, see you here again soon :)

amy said...

oui j'adore paris et france! i also visited strasbourg and colmer after my second visit to paris a couple of years ago and those little towns are really special! :)

can i ask you a few more questions? just out of curiosity... are you a full-time mother? if not, who is taking care of your daughter? sorry i'm too nosy, it's just that i have no friends in europe who have children and i just wonder how do europeans take care of their kids. forget about what i'm asking if you'd rather keep it a secret :P

michelle said...

amy: you are right to visit other cities, many towns in France are very beautiful as Colmar :)

Regarding your questions, in France, there are two popular ways for working mothers to look after their new borned babies: usually to put babies in crèches (nurseries), or to employ a baby-sitter... Thus, nursery schools are often rather occupied, specially in Paris, and future mothers used to send their requests few months before birth of babies. From age of 3 on, children have rights to go to school, which finishes at 16h30... but possible to arrange children stayed until 18h30 the latest. I work as half time since the birth of my daughter ;) but there may be changes soon.

Chrisie said...

I also come from Hong Kong! And have just moved to Paris in Feb. Your blog is great and I have just started reading them. Just wonder if I can talk to you a bit since I don't know any Cantonese in Paris (or Chinese, in that case); anyway,keep it up and I will try my best to catch up on your earlier entries! But you have written a lot a lot! How long have you been in Paris?

I moved here with my husband, and strangely enough, he is not french but swedish.

Have a nice day!

michelle said...

Chrisie: Bienvenue à Paris ! Welcome to Paris! and thanks for your visit to my blog, though it may unfortunately not be a great Paris guidbook for your staying :S I try to write however from time to time some culture matters here...

It may be a bit difficult at the beginning, specially if you don't speak the language. However i am sure you would fall in love with Paris as time goes by!

Bon courage!!

amy said...

chere michelle, i also put my boy in a creche from 5 months onwards since my maternity leave ended because we don't want any stranger/helper living in our place.

thanks for satisfying my curiosity :P will stay tuned to your posts and read about your "changes" then! :)

Neko said...

Hi Michelle,

Same as Chrisie I'm from HK too. I moved to Paris this March and is living in Versailles now, studying at a grande ecole on the hill of Jouy-en-Josas. I happened to reach your blog from the blog of my friend's friend and I really need to thank you for those entries that you've written both in Chinese and French. To me, French is a difficult language and those entries really helped me to understand and learn more. *hugs*

Not sure if you've similar experiences like me - as a "chinoise", I've been so frustrated since I came to France because many French people judged me based on my ethnic identity (e.g. refuse for service at bank, got shouted at on the street, being excluded or bullied by schoolmates). How did you get through all these when you first arrive here and can you give us (me and other Chinese students new to France) some advice?


michelle said...

hello Neko,

thanks for your visit to my blog, and again, am happy that my bilingual entries help somebody.

I feel bad about your experience in Paris, though it is not usual to see those scenes here, specially to asians. I do not know much about ambiance inside grande ecoles. What i can see at first glance is the problem of communication, and perhaps difference in culture.

I think you should try to learn french as soon as possible, which may help to give you more confidence. Don't be afraid to talk to people (even though you don't speak well yet), it is the only way to learn a language. When you can handle the language, you may handle the rest like expressing yourself, giving discussion, explaining the difficulties and situations etc... don't you agree?

Bon courage, Neko, hope you could appreciate France very soon. Don't hesitate to send me emails if you want. Take care,


Exile from HK said...

I am just beyond happy to find so many bloggers from Hong Kong. Michelle, my husband and I had the pleasure to visit Paris for two month in 2007. To say the least we totally fell in love with your beautiful city. Keep up your posts. I'm sure there are lots of overseas Hong Kongers who enjoy reading your blog.

michelle said...

Exile from HK: Thanks for your visit, and am happy to hear that you like Paris, which is not always the case :P

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