Tuesday, 25 September 2007


窗前明月光,疑屋頂結霜,月誘之下,打開大窗,一呆又是十多分鐘。今晚的月色,在追雲之下,真的很美。 本來想把它拍下來與大家分享的,却發現照相機缺電。 哎 命也,明月只能留在我心中。

並非有意在佳節尋詩意,今晚看月也實屬偶遇。 不過短短的十多分鐘,在清爽干涼的秋意下,耳根嚮著街上行人的細語,對街的一對情侶也在洋台看風景,另家幾個朋友還圍在燭光下的餐桌前... 這些這些,還有黃白的月光,在游雲下浮動,時亮時暗... 還有還有,那種氣味,怎麼形容? 那一種任何空內香芬都不能代替的大自然嗅氣,把我緊張的倒霉的一天溫溫柔地安撫下來。啊,今晚可要好好睡一覺了。


Leong Pack said...

De Leong Pack
Madame Si Nine,
The most beautiful scene I’ve ever seen in films is in the Italian film “ Chaos “ directed by the Taviani brothers:
There was this man who has “ Moon Sickness” that he went out howling whenever the moon was full. He explained that when he was a baby, his mother, an Italian farmwoman, used to place him on his back by the river while she was washing herself after work. The scene: the little baby on the meadow, starring at the moon, a big and strong Italian farm “ Madonna” washing her full breasts by the river. The misty white moonlight, the baby, the Madonna, the breasts, the water the music… Altogether created a strange “Yin” harmony. Sooooo beautiful! The moon is a real temptress…

michelle said...

leong pack: thank you for your comment about that Italian film. I myself have never seen it... seems it is beautiful. Have noted it down and try to see it one day.

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