Sunday, 2 September 2007

【photo】'Hongkong bridges'

This is one of the seldom photos I have taken in Hongkong during our short trip in August 07. We arrived just before arrival of a returning-typhoon and it was raining almost every single day in Hongkong, and all day long. So, except visiting Ocean Park under the pour, seeing the Peak in a thick mist, we could almost do no tourist. To compensate, we rented discs and see films and films in those evenings ;) and I am so happy to have seen some films that I have discovered thru' blogs earlier and longed to see like "Paris, je t'aime" (2006) directed by more then twenty film makers including Coen brothers, Olivier Assayas, and Christopher Doyle etc... then a Hongkong film "Midnight fly (慌心假期)" (2001) by Jacob C L Cheung.

"Paris, je t'aime" is perhaps not the movie of the year. However I find it somehow a lovely idea to collect talent of directors to film Paris in different eyes. It gives a certain charm to the film and to the city. I like most of the segments and my favorites are perhaps "Tuileries" and "Porte de Choisy" which are full of craziness and creative ideas :D Trust me, you won't find crazy couple in the metro neither furious chinese woman in china town everyday :D

"Midnight fly" is a road movie in which a Hongkong known singer and actress Anita Yim-fong Mui (1963-2003) played the role of a desperate married woman. According to wiki's list of her filmography, it was one of her last film before she died. When I think about it, sometimes life can be turned out so unexpected, no matter in the film or in the reality, if we can call it fate.

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