Saturday, 4 October 2008

【photo】: White

Shall I take the opportunity to remind those in Paris that the annual 《Nuit Blanche》would be back again tonight in Paris.

''Nuit Blanche' (White Night) is an annual over-night cultural event created in Paris since 2002. The festival starts from sunset until sunrise next day, the whole city's light is on and being turned into a real fairy tale. Numerous artists participate and their works are shown in several spots in the city.

Nowadays, this event has been spread over the world and many cities are holding the same festival!

For those who are interested, Brussels, Toronto, Valletta would hold the same event on the same day this year!

Bonne soirée!


amy said...

nuit blanche!!! you know what, i wrote this press release:

michelle said...

amy, what a coincident !! so you are a journalist ?

amy said...

no ah, just a small potato in the government :P

Anonymous said...

a photo with mystery, i like it!
is it a woman's eye?

michelle said...

amy: ic, anyway thanks for having introduced the site to me :)

wordwodword: yes, a woman's eye, a woman's face :)

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