Sunday, 14 October 2007

My photo of the week: Giant jean

I've seen this giant jean hanging at the entrance of a boutique of jeans in Montmartre this weekend. Very attractive! However I wonder if they would have many Chinese clients, as most Chinese people believe that it brings bad-luck passing under trousers :P

You may also notice a poster written "Fête des Vendanges" put on the door. Fête des Vendanges (festival of grape harvest) is actually an annual festival taken place every second weekend of October to celebrate the vintage from Montmartre. Last for 3 days, there are parades, folk music, and wine of course.


梁伯 said...

Your are quite wrong, 師奶.
According to Chinese belives, It is only passing under a pair of woman trousers brings bad luck. If it is a pair of man trousers, it brings good luck. ☺ It is something to do with Yin and Yang.
In the West, if you meet the devil, you can scare it away by “mooning”. (To show the devil your buttocks)
But in the China, you put a pair of man trouser on your head to scare away the ghosts.


michelle said...

really, leong pack ?
You've taught me something then. Though i won't put a pair of trousers on my head anyway :P cause this concept of 'passing under trousers bring bad-luck' has already planted on my head since i was child :P

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