Thursday, 4 March 2010


最近看了兩套千呼萬喚出來的電影《Shutter Island》及《The Ghost Writer》,兩套都是奇情片,都有大卡士,先不談電影好不好看,仍絕對有令觀罛入場的吸引力。 Scorsese 對 Polanski,Leonardo DiCaprio 對壘 Ewan McGregor,同期上畫,將會兩敗俱傷,還是同樣精采?

我好奇想看看大卡士們對大家入場的吸引力有多大,在右欄作一個小統計,請大家幫忙去按一按 :)


後記 :

若你喜歡看 Leonardo DiCaprio 的,請按此。 3 (50%)
若你喜歡看 Ewan McGregor 的,請按此。 2 (33%)
若你打算去看 'Shutter Island' 的,請按此。 2 (33%)
若你打算去看 'The Ghost Writer' 的,請按此。 0 (0%)
若你會兩套都看的,請按此。 2 (33%)
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The Man Who Loves Everton said...

I read The Ghost (is the movie called The Ghost Writer?) in Chirstmas. It's a not-too-bad thriller. And I heard that Polanski made it even better. Ah, Robert Harris, the author of the original novel, has a hand in the screenplay. I'd like to see it, too.

michelle said...

The Man, you have already read the book? oh well then i hope you won't be disappointed :S usually movie is less good then original text of the book :S

Anyway, Polanski is really a gifted movie director!! I like the movie very much !!! the details, mood, atmosphere, acting, setting... bringing spectators tension & humor, leading us to a great world of 7th art not too chic-chic . A good commercial film indeed!

The Man Who Loves Everton said...

Yes, usually, the adapted screenplay is less impressive than the original novel. But this one probably can be an exception because Robert Harris helped to write it.

Btw missed one movie in the list last evening. Would like to see The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, too. Am reading the book and it's good - probably 周游 can say more about it. I bet she finished the Millennium trilogy, books and movies. It will open next Friday here. So need to hurry up to finish the book.

微豆 Haricot said...

There has been a lot of hype abt Shutter Island here in Canada. I saw it this Tuesday and quite enjoyed the acting and the story (in that order). The cinema was full and the movie goers seemed happy.

I have not seen The Ghost Writer. I recognize Polanski is a good actor/director but perhaps I have subconsciously put him in the same category as Woody Allan. All moral issues aside, I still like their work.

michelle said...

The Man: i don't know that film 'The Girl with the DragonTatto' but saw some nice critics when i looked for it on the net... thanks for the tips ;)

Haricot: Both Scorsese and Polanski are famous directors but i don't know them enough to say which one i prefer. However, among these two i personally much prefer The Ghost Writer to the Shutter Island. You should give The Ghost Writer a chance ;)

btw what does 'hype' means :?

微豆 Haricot said...

Here are several explanations from www dot urbandictionary dot com on the possible meanings of "hype": X

My example: I am all hyped up to visit le Louvre --> Having heard so much abt the Louvre, I am all excited and look forward to visiting the famous museum. (which is true !!)

michelle said...

Haricot, thanks for the explanation :) so its kind of urban words...

Haricot 微豆 said...


>> ... You should give The Ghost Writer a chance ;)

I did go see The Ghost Writer and have to say it is a well-made movie !!!

I wish the main character had taken more precautions while doing his investigative journalist work, and sleeping with the client's wife was not one of them :(

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