Friday, 12 March 2010


"Do you want to be my friend?"


"Why not? Are you my friend?"

"Yes of course I am your friend."

"Then why don't you want to be my friend?"

"I just don't want to, my friend."

"Then, you are not my friend !"


很無聊,這是剛剛在讀卡夫卡時'無啦啦'想到的對白 :S


RandomCoil said...

So being friend is a illogical process?

michelle said...

RandomCoil, sorry i do not know how to reply to you. I didn't think when i wrote it. Just find it ridiculously funny :P did it happen to you?

kikare said...


RandomCoil said...

you mean just think randomly?

sure... that's why I call myself RANDOMCoil...

michelle said...

kikare: 其實我跟你跟很多人都是這樣看戲罷了,可能不過是多看了幾部,不能說是特別勤力囉 :)

RandomCoil: -)

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