Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Blue baskets

The rhume (the cold) is tiring me these two days. What time did I go to sleep last night though ? !

The sky was bright blue, but my soul blue refused to get out though.

Reluctant I took my bike to go to the metro. I was terribly in late.

Reluctant I would have liked to ride my bike until the office. Breeze was gentle, and

refreshing. Brought me to the underground, the deepest part in my heart.

I sat in front of a beautiful Thai girl, next to a beautiful Thai woman.

She had such a careful perfect make-up... Unreal, just like a Babie girl.

I was admiring her unconsciously, until she started talking with her friend.

I didn't understand a word, but her tone has betrayed her charm.

Babie girl better not to speak.

I look at my worn blue baskets. I am doing fine.

Sorry Chinese folks I am writing here in English again... yes I blog in the office this morning. Shhh...

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