Friday, 9 November 2007

Mosaic : La Fête des Vendanges

For my readers not to wait for too long, I would try to find time to send my posts to this blog from time to time outside, while waiting for our 'dear' telephone companies to repair my line at home.

This is a mosaic that I intended to post earlier on the 20th Oct: some photos that I've taken during the parade of La Fête des Vendanges (Festival of Gape Harvest) in Montmartre (a festival that I've already mentioned in a previous post here). In the parade, participators were from different countries: the one at the bottom right hand corner and the top middle are from Black Mountain of Germany, the one at the top right hand corner is custom of Gilles de Binche from Belgium... I didn't note down the other teams' names and sorry now I don't remember where are the rest from...

Have a nice weekend everybody!


小妮音樂日誌 said...


Je suis Lily de Hong Kong! :D J'ai pris des cours a SciencePo Paris mais il y a longtemps.

Ciao! Viva La France!

michelle said...

Enchanté, Lily ! wow SciencePo Paris, j'imagine que tu étais une bonne eleve pour y entrer...

a bientot,

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