Tuesday, 20 November 2007

有朋自遠方來... Paris est... (3)

Cette fois ci, un visiteur de mon blog, Carole, a la volonté remplir ce questionnaire et partager avec vous sa vision sur Paris. Carole vient de Hongkong. Elle parle et écrit français. Son mot pour décrire Paris (question 16) est: la liberté.

This time, a visitor of this blog would like to share her feeling of Paris with you. Carole comes from Hongkong and she writes and speaks French! This was her forth time in Paris in 2007. Her word to describe Paris (question no. 16) is : freedom

I try to translate her answers of my questionnaire here:
1. for work + to see a friend
2. Yes
4. This time I stay at the Hotel Phenix in the 17th arrondisement. Super price/ quality.
5. I've been in 3 different Parisian apartments: classical, artistic, a painting dated 1779, with garden and not far from Eiffel Tower.
6. Difficult to say / anyway not so bad
7. Yes
8. marinated duck Bordeaux style
9. Exhibition in Parc de Versailles, otherwise, my friend lives right next to Eiffel Tower
10. I love gardens and museums
11. Yes - no shopping for me
12. along the seine or in the 17th arrondisement
13. How to say - so so
14. Yes, in the metro
15. Sacre coeur
16. Freedom
17. Yes and no
18. If it changes, it won't be Paris anymore

And you ? how would you see Paris ?

這回有幸,一位「師奶筆記」的訪客 Carole 替我填上問卷,Carole 精通法文又曾多次到巴黎,用了 "自由" 來形容巴黎 (題十六)。

那你們呢? 你們又如何看這花都?

Merci Carole!

(See also my previous "有朋自遠方來... Paris est..." (1) and (2))

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