Monday, 21 May 2007

Vélib' in Paris 租單車服務

從今年夏天開始,巴黎市將開設一種自由單車行的服務 (詳情 在 official site: Vélib')。 只需150歐元按金及小量的租金(1€一天,5€一星期,或29€年費, 每個行程使用的首半個小時免費,之後第二個半小時開始加1€,第三個半小時加2€,第四個半小時加4€... 例如,佔用兩小時的行程租金則=7€ 加上一天,一星期或一年費用),便可以在巴黎市內各新安置的'單車站'租借特為此計畫設計的新形單車。 相信未來這些每300米設一的 Vélib' 單車站,以及市內共 371km 長的單車俓,將為巴黎市民及旅客帶來不少方便及環保意息!! 好了,待 Vélib' 計畫實行後有新消息再在此報道吧。

A new rent and ride bicycle system calls Vélib' (official site in French for detail) will be launched in Paris this summer. New bicycle stations, about every 300 meters, will be installed in the city of Paris where bicycles can be rented for 1€ a day, 5€ a week, or 29€ annually, 150€ deposit for guarantee is required for any case. Then, use of any first half an hour would be free-of-charge, plus 1€ additional charge for the second half hour, 2€ additional for the third half hour, 4€ additional for the forth half hour, thus totally 7€ for a journey if bicycle is kept for 2 hours... in addition to the daily, weekly or annual fee.

I myself am so excited to see it soon! such a great idea for convenience of locals and tourists, as well as for the planet ecology!


Catharina said...

Hello Michelle!
I am very late at this, but I just wanted to thank you for leaving a comment on my mother's day post! It was so easy to write so many good things about my mother and I am sure that your little girl will feel the same way when she is older. Kate commented that "love is such an important emotion" and she is so right. Let your children know that they are loved and that you are there for them, that is what matters most.

michelle said...

Thank you, Catharina, for your reply, and your advice! I can feel that you are in a beloved family :) Anyway thanks again for your visit!

Lisi said...

going around Paris on a bike...this is definitely absolutely something I would try next time...

michelle said...

agree, besides walking, riding bike is definitely a good idea to see and feel Paris!

by the way, how are you doing, Lisi !!

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