Saturday, 19 January 2008

My photo of the week: "Crow"

This photo was taken in the Champ-de-Mars, as you can see, at the other end of the Eiffel Tower.

The columns on the left hand side of this photo are actually a part of « The Wall for Peace » created by artist Clara Halter and constructed by architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte in March 2000. That 9m high wall is surrounded by 32 steel columns in which words of 'peace' in different languages are crafted. Pretty nice and original! On top of it, if you walk through the crack of the wall, you may notice 30 screens showing instant peace messages sent on-line via internet all over the world. If you want, you may also send your peace messages via their site. Simply go to their site there, and click "send your message" on the bottom left hand corner.

Something new to me, according to their site, similar works have also been constructed in Saint Petersburg and Hiroshima in 2003 and 2005 respectively!

Have a nice weekend everybody!


Mugen C said...

Nice shot Michelle! Why are there some "Peace" in Chinese printing on the pole? any stories behind that?

Also Crow = Peace don't usually go together, it creates huge contrast there! Did that on purposes or just happened to be that way?


michelle said...

Hi MC,

Thanks for your kind message and compliment!
Actually at the beginning when i took this photo, i wanted to avoid those pillars as it was difficult to well frame all those elements in one photo.... but finally i included them in :P didn't notice one of them was in Chinese however. As you said, the contrast. Funny when i sorted those pictures out at home, it was even rather a shock to me and i felt not very comfortable (almost disturbed) by the fact having crow and the word 'peace' together... :)

Regarding the story behind the pillars, i've just added the caption and explanation in the post.


lu said...

hey michelle, interesting post and the crow has behaved very well - just to let you take a shot at it :)

michelle said...

lu: .... how did you know that... its... my secret actor... ;)

Anonymous said...


michelle said...

好奇怪,當時它真的站著讓我拍了幾分鐘 ... :)

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