Friday, 11 January 2008

兒歌 / deux comptines

今天又下雨,滴滴嗒嗒,隨了常想起在舊文已提到的 "留人天" 之外,還有這兩首兒歌 :

廣東兒歌 / Une comptine cantonais


Il pleut, les poussins s'amusent, attrapent froid.
Les petits canards prennent les pétales comme des parapluies.
Les poissons gambadent, les crevettes bondissent,
les grenouilles sautent de haies.
Et bien, une poule pond des oeufs, cinq poussins déambulent.

☂ ☂ ☂ 與及 / et puis ☂ ☂ ☂

Une comptine française

«Petit Escargot»

Petit escargot
porte sur son dos
sa maisonnette.
Aussitôt qu'il pleut,
il est tout heureux,
Il sort sa tête.


小小蝸牛 背上抬了
落大雨啦 它高興喲


Leong Pack said...

Madame Si Nine,
Talking about Children’s songs. I remember my little brother was so obsessed with one at my childhood. It was:

Ngor G Dou, Hong Kong Yau Til Dai Ma Roo.
( I know Hong Kong has a big horse road)

He had beens singing it day and night, day after day!, and it got on everyone’s nerve.
My mom put a stop to that. You know how? Very simple:
She just said to him “ Oh really? You do know there is a big horse road in Hon Kong? My clever boy!" . My brother never sang it again since.
My mom was quite clever, because at that time no one listen to children at all.

Leong Pack

michelle said...

oh i've never heard of this song :)
Yes, all mothers need teaching method !! its a real job, you know ?!

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