Sunday, 23 November 2008

My photo of the week : "Drawing in the sky..."


绮芬 said...

;) J'en ai une aussi, du même style ! J'ignore encore si je la publierai.

aulina said...

was that a jet?

michelle said...

绮芬: c'est vrai? j'aime bien voir les photos de nuages, de ciel ;)

aulina: i have really no idea :P guess just a plane

imak said...

it's so blue!! 香港的天是灰藍的..... :(

michelle said...

imak: guess that's due to pollution in hk :(

微豆 Haricot said...

That was the Air France jet flying over Paris on my way to Morocco



ps1: I responded to all the comments you left previously on my blog.

ps2: I missed the last bi-weekly round of articles and will submit one abt "Friend(s)" on Nov 30.

michelle said...

hi Haricot, thanks for joining our 'meeting' again ;)

Was it the AF you were on? did you see me from the plane :D

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