Monday, 31 December 2007

【photos】Les belles choses que j'ai faites en 2007

Inspirée par les Images Souvenirs de Julie, j'ai sélectionné voici 12 photos représentant des belles choses que j'ai faites pendant ces 12 mois cette année: les voyages, les visites, la vie... et création de ce blog etc. Bye bye, et merci 2007, je te fais un gros bisou !

十二個月十二個回憶,再見了 二零零七年。

Inspired by the Images Souvenirs of Julie, I've also chosen 12 photos here representing some nice things I've seen or done during these 12 months this year: some trips, some visits... and creation of this blog etc. Bye bye, and thank you 2007, I hug you !


lu said...

wow! you've been to quite a few interesting places in 2007! i envy you! :)

happy new year, michelle!!

michelle said...

Hi lu, actually i didn't go to many places, basically stayed in France, have been back to Hongkong twice and spent holiday in Thailand, and that's it :) You, you have been to many places :) I envy you ! :)

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