Saturday, 8 December 2007

【photo】'This is not a bird'

Then what is this ?

This is a photo I've taken in the Parc de Bercy in March ;-)

Yes an idea of René MAGRITTE, one of the painters whom I like very much :P

Ok, I guess the bird in the photo is an heron (鷺), and I find it very elegant ! We see it in the park only from time to time since eary this year.

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Jackie said...


michelle said...

啊,猜謎遊戲在週末開答案 ;)

Orangutan said...

哈哈,this is not a bird...看了附註才明白!

雖然不懂,但都很喜歡Magritte的超現實。”The Lovers”是在MOMA中我最喜愛的畫。

michelle said...

orangutan: 謝謝到訪 ! 其實我也不很懂的, 只靠感覺看,喜歡的便看... :) 不過,Magritte 的超現實有想像力,自己很喜歡。啊 The Lovers 確令人看得肉緊。

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