Thursday, 20 March 2008



很久很久沒有新置衣服了,也莫說晚宴禮服。 本來便是個不修邊幅的人,也不注重名牌,現帶著孩子,衣服鞋襪更加越簡單越好... 想起來,怪不得近年在香港多次向途人問路總不得令,一定是被認定從鄉下出來的了,呵呵 !

不知其他師奶的衣櫃又是什麼樣的呢 ?


readandeat said...


Mugen C said...

答不到妳,但無限嫂的衣櫃裡有很多衣服,唯獨還会穿的就只有幾套! :)


michelle said...

readandeat: 咁都得? 你把衣服放在雪櫃 ;?

MC: 順手嘛,唔洗考慮囉,我都係咁 :P

amy said...

我的師奶年資不深,倒是還有少許興趣買衫。現在主要是把握午餐時泵奶後才有機會shopping, 或是轉戰e-shopping :P

Chrisie said...

I wanna ask a very silly question: what is 師奶? How do you define it?

Coz I am married too! But I am 25, so I don't seem to see myself as a 師奶 offense really!
And I have lots of clothes in my closet..... :p

Michelle, do you mind telling me around how long have you been in Paris? I am really curious about that!

Nice day and hope it won't rain today :)

michelle said...

chrisie: haha, if you have such a question, this article is surely not delicated to you ;)

oh well, have to say, am sure that not all 師奶 are like me :P

how long? not as long as to be called a 老華僑 ;)

don't like the weather in Paris these days :(

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