Monday, 29 September 2008

【photo】: Flying mushrooms ?

週末寫了一篇'採蘑菇',想起了這一張,大家看它們像不像天上的蘑菇 :?

Kite Surf, taken in La Rochelle


Mugen C said...

Michelle, I just love this picture!!! few so relaxing just by looking at it! :)

Do you mind to give me a hi-res version of it for me to use as wallpaper? ;)
You can say always say no though :P


aulina said...


amy said...

很美的照片! "蘑菇"一高一低排列有序, 像是為你的照片在擺pose!

michelle said...

Mugen: No problem... By the way that is also one of my favorite photos ;) Please send me your address to my contact mentioned in the sidebar and i'll email it to you.

aulina: 你說起來,又覺得幾似 :P 不過飛指甲好恐怖 :P

amy: 謝謝呀,再多謝你的捧場! Raphael 在你的 icon 真的好可愛 ;)

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