Saturday, 6 September 2008

【photo】: plant (1)

Do you know what is this plant in the photo?

photo taken in Munduk, a small village in Bali, Indonesia

At altitude of 800m, according to guidebooks, Munduk is a nice base to do easy trekking in its surrounding. There are also, together with other villages in the area, many nice plantations because of the weather. That fruit in the photo is one of the product in the region.

我是個五穀不分的城市人,在大自然對很多珍奇異寶常視而不見,很多時候就連可以放上飯桌的植物也認不出來,所以每每能把植物稱名之時,都會特別興奮 ;) 我在印尼的巴里島拍了幾張植物的照片,在這裏先放上一張。


答案/ Answer:
Coffee. Berries are green when immature, then turn to yellow, red, and finally black.
咖啡。 果實綠色,成熟後慢慢地轉成黃、紅,最後變成黑色。

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绮芬 said...


michelle said...

這個說不對了 ;)
我在這裹先賣個關子... 不過,其實答案早已寫在這 post 內了,找找看 (看'答案' 與 '請在本版內找' 之間呀 ;)

Mugen C said...

估不到係.... ;)

michelle said...

mc: 不易猜吧 ;)

amy said...

welcome back! we're planning for a vacation in bali too. :)

michelle said...

amy: Bali 's weather is pretty nice for both children and adults ;) i think you have good choice. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you want some travel information there... :)

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